China: Middle Kingdom Mysteries

& Global Business

12-14 days

For the past 35 years, China has been a hot bed for manufacturing products that are distributed all over the world.  In this program, your students will not only get to see the best of China, but will be able to experience the Chinese manufacturing process, and how our goods get to our doorstep.  

Your students will fly into Shanghai with their classmates and start exploring the incredible "old meets new" modern city.  After a few days of visiting the markets, the famous YuYuan garden, and manufacturing facility tours, you'll make your way to Shenzhen, once a fishing village of 10,000 people and now a sprawling metropolis of 10,000,000.  From there, it's all Beijing (the education and cultural capital of China), where you'll learn more about manufacturing up north and of course cap off your time in the east with the Great Wall of China!

Your Experience Includes

Round Trip Airfare
Hotel/Host Family
Guided Tours
Full Time Travel Companion
Local Expert Guides
24/7 Local & Remote Support
All Entrances
All Transportation
Travel/Medical Insurance Options
Flexible Payment Plans
Always Private Tours for Your Group
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