Our 6 Steps in Creating Educational Student Travel

Step 1: Meet & Listen
OHF will meet with you to learn about your global educational travel goals, and make suggestions based on experience.
Step 2: Creation
After we have an understanding for your goals, we work with our expansive network of local organizations to make it happen.
Step 3: Itinerary Roll Out
We then send your itinerary via an easy-to-use link that you can share with parents, students, and school administration.
Step 4: Registration & Meeting
Participants can register on the itinerary link, and once full, OHF will host information meetings leading up to departure.
Step 5: Go Abroad
Experience the itinerary and watch your students gain global cultural understanding. All at the side of your OHF rep.
Step 6: Feedback & Learn
We will discuss what we liked, what we didn't, and how we can better organize experiences for years to come.
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