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Our Human Family is made up of group of individuals who are passionate about international education.  We acknowledge it takes those passionate in different areas to make a great operation run, and we believe we have that in our team.
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Marianna Velozo, MBA
Travel Operations Administrator
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Ely Khoury
CEO & Founder
Josh Katz
Director of Partnerships

Ely developed Our Human Family through inspiration from living and working abroad in China.  To this day, he believes that the best way to learn about people to visit them in their own environment, eat their food, dance to their songs, and learn about who they are at their core.

Ever since he took that one way ticket to Shanghai, his life changed forever.  In the process of meeting people from dozens of different nationalities, he learned something--that people are fundamentally similar at their core, but we chose to look at our differences over those similarities.  That is why Ely has dedicated his life to curating experiences so other young leaders to experience this in its more organic way--through immersion programs around the world.

"Empathy is not a hypothesis, but it is a result"


Josh is our Director of Partnerships, who collaborates with schools and educators from around the country to provide international educational travel opportunities for students.  His love of travel started in college when he backpacked across Europe with a few of his friends for over a month.  From that point forward the passion of experiencing different cultures through travel was sparked! 


Before coming aboard the OHF team, Josh worked at a different global education company in Cambridge, Massachusetts for 7 years where he helped students from Indiana see the world.  He is passionate about education and meeting new people.  He enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding and playing sports.  Also, there is no ping pong competitor that he won’t take on!  Josh has been fortunate enough to travel every continent besides Antarctica and has explored over 30 countries.


Marianna is our Travel Operations Administrator, helping us with our logistics from start to finish and making sure our operations run smoothly. Before joining OHF, Marianna acquired her experience in operations and international business by managing outsourced teams from the Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua, and other Latin American countries.


Marianna is passionate about technology and helping people. She loves traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures/languages, and eating her way through places she visits. In her spare time, she is playing tennis or looking to brush up her foreign language skills. Marianna speaks four languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French) and has been to 14 countries (and counting).

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