What Parents Want Out of Student Travel

Is it safe? Is it educational? Just a trip to the beach in another country???

Last week, we wrote about what your students want out of educational travel experiences, but they’re not the only customer you’ll have to appease. When your students resell the experience to their parents, there are certain pieces of information that they’ll want to see. Below, we outline the 5 key elements to include in your educational travel itinerary to ensure parents feel comfortable with sending their students abroad:

1. Safety. Without a doubt, this is the most important key element to focus on when introducing an itinerary to parents. Sure, they may have been world travelers themselves, but they’d put themselves in harms way before their children. Outlining clearing the itinerary, accommodation, activities, and provider references (if applicable) will help put parents’ minds at ease.

2. Purpose. We once heard a parent say to their student, “I wouldn’t pay for myself to go hang out on the beach for $3,000, why would I pay for you to do that?”. Parents want to see the “why” behind the experience and understand the educational significance of the trip. For example, aligning fun and adventure with curriculum could prove to check those boxes for parents and students. If you’re a history teacher, aligning a trip with the 75th anniversary if D-Day in Normandy would give students that historical lesson as well as show them some fun along the way.

3. College Readiness. Why do this, over perhaps studying more for the SAT or playing more sports to get that scholarship? How is this going to set their student apart from others? After all, travel comes at a steep cost and there are plenty of areas for parents to put their money.

4. Overall Cost. Many of you who are reading may be private school teachers, directors, or coordinators. If so, your parents already pay a lot to have their kids go to your school. Be sensitive to that, and when consulting with your provider, make sure to let them threshold of what you believe your parents would be willing to pay for an experience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these tips! As always, reach out to us at info@ourhumanfamily.com if you would like to start planning a global experience, or simply have questions!

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