"We value working with travel providers who work collaboratively to design safe, purposeful, student centered experiential learning opportunities abroad. Our Human Family has consistently exceeded our expectations

through a highly personalized approach."

David Lynn, Director of International Studies

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"Our Human Family provided the logistical framework that safeguarded our middle school exchange programs and bolstered this year's success in France and Spain. Moreover, our shared vision, focus on international curricular collaborations and passion for the essential value of global experiences for our students have solidified this partnership and we plan to move forward with OHF in crafting several future international experiences in all divisions. 

Lyn Cagle, Director of international Programs


"We were very pleased with the OHF experience. All tour guides were very knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. In planning the trip, OHF catered to our needs and desires for the experience. I look forward to future collaborations. OHF was always available to answer questions and assist us as needed."

Heather Weeks, Middle School Spanish Teacher

"we had a chance to use OHF for the first time in the Summer of 2018. What a difference from all the rest. they were the best to deal with...easy and very flexible. in fact am putting another trip together with OHF. we are able to customize it, and the group is able to have input for our trip. If you're tired of long bus rides, mediocre food, and far out of the way Hotels from main attractions, OHF is the company I would recommend... highly."

Jul Hawkins, German Teacher

"OHF organizes an authentic experience for students traveling to Martinique. The home stays and activities were excellent for French immersion."

Dr. Sylvia Simard-Newman, Upper School Coordinator of Global Studies

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